Accenten Lindeman

I dagens Computer Sweden hittar vi en artikel om Accenture.   Vi kallade in experten Accenten Lindeman för att beskriva ett liknande företag med en glad radiospot:


[box] – Does your firm have a few problems?

– and way too much disposable income?

– If you can’t flush your money down the toilet fast enough

– Call Accidenture, the new consulting company that used to be

– another consulting company until we sued our parent company

– When you’re fresh out of ideas

– Accidenture has experts fresh out of college who can pretend to learn your complex business in a few days

– At a cost you’ll be paying off for the next few years.

– No matter what your company’s problems are

– Accidenture has a bunch of powerful buzzwords to make you think we actually understand them.

– and even know how to solve them.

– We can accidentally destroy everything you spent your life building.

– while accidentally overcharging and underserving you. – Remember, our name’s no accident

– it’s Accidenture.

– Helping you go out of business, is our only business


Tyvärr vet jag inte varifrån den här spoofen kommer från början, men den känns fortfarande relevant trots att den har några år på nacken.





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